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​4 Things that can Instantly Help Allergy Sufferers

4 Things that can Instantly Help Allergy Sufferers

Allergies are an uncomfortable nuisance for many, but for
some folks, they can be overwhelming to deal with. Whether they’re triggered by
seasonal factors or common irritants, there are some things that can provide
help fast.

Keep Windows Closed

When seasonal allergies strike, it can be difficult for
sufferers to spend any time outdoors. At home, keep the windows closed to
prevent airborne particles from blowing in and irritating allergies. Things
like pollen can make allergy sufferers cough, sneeze, have watery and itchy
eyes, and cause difficulty breathing.

Change the Air Filter

Keeping the air filter clean is absolutely essential for
allergy sufferers. During peak times of seasonal allergy aggravation, change
the filter in your HVAC system every 2 weeks. Being indoors is a great way to
find relief, but not when there are even more allergens circulating throughout
the house. Don’t forget to check and change the filter when the heat or AC is

Shower before Bed

A warm, steamy shower will help to ease the nasal passages
and make breathing a little easier. It’s a good idea to take a shower before
bed so that you can wash off any of the outdoor pollutants that you may have
picked up throughout the day. This will help keep your furniture and bed clean,
as well as help you to sleep a little easier.

Keep Pets Out

If you have a pet in the home but you suffer from allergies,
try to keep them out of your bedroom. Pet dander can be a major irritant for
many people, but it’s hard to turn away our beloved friends. Make it a rule to
keep the animal out of your bedroom. Consider keeping dogs and cats in rooms
with hardwood flooring, since it will be easier to keep clean.