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5 Easy Steps to a Fresh Home in Every Season

5 Easy Steps to a Fresh House Every Season

Each season brings a new set of challenges to homeowners. There’s so much to keep up with, both inside and out, but it is very important to tend to your environment in order to improve the air quality inside of the home. Here are 5 simple steps to maintaining a fresh home in every season:

1) Deep Clean

Everyone is familiar with spring cleaning, but doing a deep clean at the start of each new season is a great way to freshen up your space. This includes moving out heavy furniture to dust and vacuum underneath and behind, wiping down baseboards, and getting into corners to clear away dust and any little cobwebs. Spend a little time at the start of a new season to do some deep cleaning in every room of the home.

2) Add Houseplants

Houseplants are more than just a pleasant decorative element. There are many plants that can help to keep the air inside of a home fresh and clean. Some plant types actually act like a kind of air purifier, like Peace Lilies, Boston ferns, and Snake Plants. Add a plant or two to your main living spaces to really bring the room to life.

3) Check Your Air Filter

When you’re going to run your heating or air conditioning system, you will want to make sure that the filter is clean. The air filter is one of the most essential elements of the HVAC system, cleaning the air that circulates throughout the home. If a filter is dirty, not only will the system be running inefficiently, but it will also contribute to allergies and poor breathing. Keep the air in your house clean by checking the air filter every month or two. When the filter appears to be dirty, simply replace it with a new one.

4) Proper Pet Care

Bathe, trim, and brush your pets regularly. Keeping their fur clean is not only nice to do for them, but it will also help to reduce the amount of hairs that will end up floating around your home. If you allow your pets to go outside, you will definitely want to take care to trim their nails, clean their coats, and check them for ticks or fleas. Pet hair and dander are some of the biggest causes of allergy problems for pet owners, so it’s important to do what you can to prevent it.

5) Steam Clean Carpets and Upholstery

If you have carpeting anywhere inside of your home, you will want to use a steam cleaning device to shampoo them every few months. This will help cut down on the amount of dirt and dust mites in the air, and it will also help to keep the carpeting in good shape for years to come. You can also use a steam cleaner to clean upholstered furniture like sofas and chairs. Just be sure to read the labels on all fabrics before using a cleaning product.