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​5 Steps to a Cleaner, Healthier Bedroom

5 Steps to a Cleaner, Healthier Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so you want it to be soothing
and safe. In order to create a clean and healthy space, there are some simple
steps that you can take:

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter is a big no-no for the bedroom. Not only does it
collect dust, but it can also lead to stress by cluttering our mind. Always put
items back where they belong, keep tabletops organized and neat, and tackle any
piles that start to build up right away.

Air out Often

It’s a good habit to wash your bed linens weekly. Once you
take off the old ones, open up the window and let fresh air in the room.
Although you may not always notice it, bedrooms can get a little musty smelling
if they aren’t aired out, so even a few minutes of fresh air and sun during the
colder months will help.

Wash Window

It’s easy to overlook bedroom curtains. Before you realize
it, they could have been hanging for months or years before you think to clean
them. Curtains will collect dust, so it’s important to wash them occasionally.
Depending on the type of material, you may need to hand wash or dry clean them.
Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, but most curtains will be fine in the
washer on a gentle cycle.

Don’t Forget to Dust

Dust your bedroom often, getting into all of those hard to
reach spots on nightstands, the bedframe, and around the dresser and vanity.
Use a static cling duster to catch all of the dirt and dust in one quick swipe.
This won’t take more than a few minutes to do, and it will help keep the air in
your room fresh.

Use Non-toxic
Cleaning Products

Keep the harsh chemical cleaners out of your bedroom and
master bathroom. Opt for natural homemade cleaners, like a vinegar and water
solution, or try one of the many non-toxic products on the market today. These
cleaners will get the room just as clean, but without the negative effects of
airborne pollutants.

Your bedroom should be an inviting, comforting place to be.
Keep the clutter out, let fresh air in, and clean with non-toxic solutions.
You’ll sleep much better in a calm and clean space.