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​5 Things to Avoid for Cleaner Indoor Air

5 Things to Avoid for Cleaner Indoor Air

If you ever feel like the air inside of your home is too
stuffy, it very well could be the culprit causing you some breathing and sinus
problems. There are many simple ways that you can keep the air inside of your home
as fresh as possible. Here are 5 things to avoid for cleaner indoor air:

Improper Ventilation

There are several different areas that you should check to
ensure that your home has proper ventilation. First, make sure that the exhaust
fan in the kitchen is functioning correctly and that you use it when you cook
on the stovetop. If you have an attic, you should have a vent in there to the
outside, and you should also have one on your roof. Check them out occasionally
to ensure that they are in good condition. Always use proper ventilation when
cleaning and painting, which can be done just by opening up windows for fresh

Old Carpeting

Carpeting is found in so many homes, but unfortunately, it’s
one of the best places for bacteria and allergens to hide. If possible, you
will want to remove old carpets and replace them with laminate, hardwood, or
even tile floors. If removal is not an option, keep up with regular vacuuming
and steam cleaning.

Unchanged Air Filters

One of the biggest reasons for dirty air in the home is a
dirty filter in the HVAC system. Be sure to change it out every 1-3 months.
It’s an affordable and easy fix to keep cleaner air circulating throughout the

Harsh Chemicals

Avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals inside of
the home, especially when the weather requires you to keep the windows and
doors closed. Switch to homemade cleaning products to avoid the release of
toxic fumes. If you are going to use paint or stain products indoors, be sure
to open windows and keep children and pets out of the area.

Never Smoke Indoors

It’s common knowledge today that smoking is bad for your
health, and the health of those around you. If you are a smoker, never do it
indoors. Opening a window isn’t enough, either. Just take the smoking outside,
and away from open windows and doors. This will keep indoor air healthier and
cleaner for the whole family.