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Body Powder Residue is Dust

Body Power Residue is Dust

Body Powder and some powder based makeups are nasty culprits when it comes to dust. No matter how careful you may be, powder residue is unavoidable. It loves to filter through the air and land on shelves, floors, walls, clothing and anything in the surrounding and extended areas. Review the following ideas to help eliminate the effects of powder residue.

1.Close the door to the room where you are using body powder and makeup. This will keep the dust from filtering into the remaining rooms of your home.

2.Close closet doors and cabinet drawers while using body powder and makeup. This will protect the clothing hanging in your closet and will keep your drawers dust free.

3.Run the exhaust fan (if available) in the bathroom to help remove some of the powder residue.

4.When possible, close return registers or grills while using body powder, to avoid residue from traveling throughout your home by way of the furnace vents. You can also place a towel over the returns if you are unable to close them.

5.When using body powder apply the least amount as possible. Also, use solid or liquid type makeup whenever possible.

6.When finished, quickly dust shelves, table tops and counter tops to prevent powder residue from floating off the shelves and throughout your home.

7.Finally, open registers or grills.

This may sound like a lot to do each time you use your body powder and makeup, but the time gained from less dusting and sweeping will make up for it. This will also help decrease the dust residue in your home and improve indoor air quality.