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​Hidden Sources of Household Pollutants

Hidden Sources of Household Pollutants

Most of us think of our home as a safe place to be. We try
to keep our homes clean and comfortable, but unfortunately, there could still
be some hidden dangers lurking around. Here are some of the hidden sources of household


Many people are unaware that their furniture has been
treated with toxic chemicals. Designed to slow burning, should the furniture
catch fire, flame retardants are commonly used in foam and upholstery. The long
term health effects on humans have yet to be fully understood, but research on
animals has shown negative health effects. Some consumers are now seeking
toxin-free furniture options.


Carpets harbor so many bacteria, dust mites, and other
airborne pollutants. Even when carpets appear to be clean, there’s still debris
buried in the fibers. The only way to completely eliminate the aggravation that
carpeting brings is by removing it and installing hardwood or laminate floors.

Household Cleaning

It should come as no surprise that many cleaning products
contain a variety of harmful chemicals. After all, the bottles do come with
warnings, yet we still trust these products to keep our homes clean. They also
could be having toxic effects on our health. Opt for a natural cleaning
product, or even a DIY solution, like vinegar and baking soda.


Mold is one of those hidden dangers that often lurk behind
walls and under floorboards. You may not always be able to see it, but it could
be very present in damp areas of the home, like the basement and bathroom. If
you suspect mold, it’s always best to get it checked out and have it
professionally removed. Bleach will only mask the problem, without eradicating


Lead is often found in paint in older homes. As the paint
starts to chip and flake, the particles are released into the air. If you have
an older home and suspect that there may be lead paint on any of the woodwork
or walls, have it checked out.

You have to be on your toes and stay on the lookout for
hidden dangers in your home. In order to keep it clean and safe, you will want
to make sure that you avoid these toxins whenever possible.