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How Air Quality Affects Our Health

How Air quality Affects Our Health

There is simply no doubt about it today that air quality has
a major effect on our health. Dirty, polluted air causes a wide range of health
issues for both adults and children. Pollution in some major cities around the
world has reached critical levels, but as individuals, there is not a whole lot
that we can do about it. Indoor air quality is one thing that we actually have
the ability to control, at least somewhat, and it is one area that we should
focus on for better health.

Air Pollution

It is an unfortunate fact of life that we are polluting our
own air every single day. Everything from factory production to automobiles to
air travel causes pollution in our environment, but many of these things are
out of our control. We can help to reduce our own output of pollutants by
cutting down on driving, biking and walking short distances, etc. Air pollution
has been linked to a whole host of health issues, including strokes, lung cancer,
respiratory diseases, heart disease, and more.

Allergies &

Some allergies are seasonal, and they are caused by
different flowering plants, trees, and pollen. Allergies can also be bothered
by dirty air, and symptoms like sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and coughing can
all be made worse by airborne pollutants. Asthma effects thousands of children
and adults, and air quality can have a major impact on an asthmatic
individual’s quality of life.

Indoor Air

The air circulating around the inside of our homes can
become dirty and polluted, as well. Poor indoor air quality can exacerbate
breathing problems, especially in people who already have compromised health.
Respiratory health is affected by common indoor pollutants like mold, radon,
lead dust, asbestos, pollen, and more.

Improving Your Air

Since our home is our sanctuary, it makes sense to want the
indoor air quality to be as fresh and clean as possible. There are a lot of
small steps that you can take to improve your air on a daily basis. All of these
little things can really add up, especially for anyone who suffers from asthma,
allergies, or more serious breathing and lung conditions.

  • Keep windows closed
  • Never smoke indoors
  • Keep basements and damp areas dry
  • Use nontoxic cleaning products
  • Bathe and brush pets often
  • Use the exhaust fan when cooking
  • Change HVAC air filter often
  • Wash linens in hot water
  • Steam clean carpeting regularly

While we really can’t change much about the air in our
cities and towns, we can help to improve the air that we breathe in every day
and night in our homes. Take time to keep your home clean and healthy. Your
lungs will thank you, and you’ll be able to breathe easier knowing that you are
doing what you can to stay healthy.