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Lampshades are Dust Devils

Are You Lampshades Collecting Dust?

Who would have thought your beautiful lamp shades would be dust devils?
I didn’t, until one day I removed one of my lampshades to change a light bulb
and dust exploded in every direction. As it turns out, all my lampshades needed
cleaning. Review the following for ideas to keep your lamp shades as free of
dust as possible and help promote better indoor air quality for your home.

  1. If you have not cleaned your
    lampshades for a while, it may be a good idea to begin by cleaning all of them
    at the same time. Once you have cleaned all of your lampshades, remember
    to include them in your regular housecleaning routine in the future.
  2. Begin by carefully removing
    your lampshades from the lamps. If possible, take them outside to clean.
    If not, you may want to set them on a towel while cleaning.
  3. If your lampshades are really
    dusty and you can take them outside, shake them a little to remove the
    worst of the dust. If not, just be careful as you clean them on a towel.
  4. The best way I have found to clean
    your lamp shades is use a lint brush or lint remover tool. There are many
    different kinds available and any of them will do the job. Depending on
    the type of material your lampshades are made of, you can use a damp cloth
    to clean them, if the lint brush doesn’t work.
  5. Carefully replace the
    lampshades and remember to add them to you routine housecleaning in the

It would be a good idea to clean your lampshades at least once a month
or more often if necessary. Keeping your lampshades clean and free of dust will
contribute to a fresh clean home.