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Preparing Your Home for a New Baby

Preparing Your Home for a New Baby

When a new bundle of joy is on the way, there’s a lot that
parents need to do in order to get ready. Preparing your home for a new baby
requires much more than simply setting up a crib. There are all kinds of
maintenance issues to be taken care of, as well as practical steps that every
parent should take to make their home environment as clean and safe as it can

Check Smoke Detectors

Everyone should be checking their smoke detectors regularly,
but it becomes especially important when a baby is about to make their debut in
the home. Take a few moments to check all smoke detectors to ensure that they
are working properly. Change out old batteries, and keep new batteries on hand
for when they need to be changed again.

Service the HVAC

No matter what season you are expecting your little one, you
will want to have your HVAC system serviced so that it is running as
efficiently as possible. Check the system’s air filter, as it needs to be
switched out every one to two months. You want your baby to be breathing the cleanest
air possible, so change that filter just before he or she arrives. Have a new
filter on hand for the next time, as well.

Consider an Air

There are many different types of air purifiers that you can
choose from today. A portable model with a HEPA filter is a good option for a
nursery. Microscopic airborne pollutants and particles can interfere with a
baby’s breathing, especially if the baby is born with any medical issues. An
air purifier will have a filter that needs to be changed often, so be sure to
check on that if you do decide to purchase one.

Set Up the Nursery

Setting up a nursery can be both exciting and nerve wracking
for parents. You want to create a cozy, comfortable space for the new baby, but
you also want the room to be as safe and clean as possible. Make sure that the
room has good ventilation. Avoid keeping stuffed animals in the crib, and
consider taking them out of the room altogether, as they collect dust mites
that can cause breathing problems for little lungs.

Dust, Vacuum, and
Dust Again

Just about every expectant mother goes through a phase
called “nesting”. During this time, it becomes essential to the mother to have
the nursery set up, the house cleaned, and everything in order for the new
baby. Deep cleaning can be difficult to do when you’re pregnant, so the whole
family should get involved with the process. Dust all surfaces, vacuum carpets,
rugs, and wood floors, and then dust again. Depending on where you live, dust can
build up quickly in just a matter of hours.

Preparing your home for a new baby doesn’t have to be
stressful. There is so much to do before you bring the baby home, but just take
it step by step. Providing a loving, clean, and safe environment is what is most