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​Preparing Your Home for Winter

Preparing Your Home for Winter

With old man winter on the way, it’s time to start getting
your home ready for the season. From improving the insulation to making sure
your heating system is running efficiently, there are a few essentials that
need to be attended to. Not only will winterizing help to keep your home warm,
but it will also reduce your energy bills. Here are important steps to take
when preparing your home for winter:

HVAC & Furnace

Your HVAC system may have seen a lot of use over the summer
months, so you want to take the time to do a tune-up before the cold
temperatures set in. You can hire a professional to perform a check-up and make
any necessary repairs to fix maintenance issues, or you can check it yourself,
if you know what to look for. Having your furnace inspected can help save you
money by ensuring that it runs as efficiently as possible. You will definitely
want to change out the air filter before you start using your heat. This will
ensure that clean air is circulating throughout the home, preventing allergies
and breathing issues.

Insulate Windows and

Cold air can easily sneak in through cracks in windows and
doors. An easy way to combat this is by insulating the windows. Once the
temperatures begin to hold steady and you’re sure that you won’t be opening up
the windows for a few a months, you can purchase plastic sheets that are
specifically designed for insulation. Go around windows and doors to see if you
can locate spots where air blows in, and then seal those up. This is an
affordable and quick fix.

Fill in Walkway and
Driveway Cracks

Cracks in your walkway and driveway can become a big problem
if they aren’t taken care of before inclement weather picks up. When a crack
fills up with water in the winter, it will freeze and expand. This ends up making
the problem worse, and you won’t be able to do a proper repair until the
spring. You will want to seal up any cracks or holes so that when it snows,
moisture won’t be able to seep.

Fireplace Inspection

If your home has a fireplace, you have the added
responsibility of keeping up with cleaning and maintenance. Have a professional
service come in to perform a proper cleaning. An inspection may reveal any
damage or cracks inside the flue, which need to be repaired right away. A
damaged or dirty chimney is both a safety and health hazard, so it definitely
shouldn’t be ignored.

Plumbing and Pipes

Every winter, people find themselves with burst and frozen
pipes in their home. This is a major inconvenience, but fortunately, there are
some things that can be done to prevent it. Have exposed pipes insulated. Drain
hoses that are situated outside, then cover up the faucets and consider
shutting off the supply of water to them.

Getting ready for the cold weather can seem like a lot of
work, but it is best to take preventative measures before the snow and ice. Set
aside a few hours to follow these simple steps, and your home should be in good
shape throughout the winter season.