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​Tips for Spring Cleaning Success

Tops for Spring Cleaning Success

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to freshen up your
living space and do a deep clean. You can let go of old junk and organize your
home for the months ahead. Here are some helpful tips for spring cleaning

Take It One Room at a

Don’t try to clean every room in the same day or in one
weekend, because you’ll just get overwhelmed. You want to do some intense
cleaning and organizing, so dedicate plenty of time to each space. You can
spread it out over several weeks. For example, plan on spending a weekend
tidying up the garage, and then the next weekend going through the bedrooms. It
will make it easier to break down each place into smaller, manageable tasks to
focus on.

Get Rid of Clutter

Spring cleaning should be about more than making your home
look and smell pretty. Use it as an opportunity to declutter, letting go of old
items that are no longer serving a purpose. Go through closets and drawers, and
make piles for donations and trash. Let go of old clothing and shoes. Less
clutter means fewer places for dust to build up.

Don’t Forget the

Don’t forget to add smaller tasks to your to-do list, like
changing out the 
air filter in your HVAC system. Spring is the perfect season
for opening the windows and enjoying the fresh air, but eventually, you’ll
probably be turning on the AC. Get it ready to go by having a tune up done by a
professional technician, and toss out the old 
air filter and replace it with a
brand new one.

Make spring cleaning something to look forward to. Create
check lists for each room, and schedule in some time to tackle those tasks.
You’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the year with a clean, organized home.