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Toys are Dirt Magnets

Toy are Dirt Magnets

Toy, Toys, Toys! There is so much to say about toys and keeping them clean. There are pet toys, baby toys, children toys and everything in between. And they all share with each other. There are outside toys, inside toys, stored toys, etc. Toys are easily forgotten during the routine housecleaning, so let’s talk about it here. Review the following ideas to properly care for and store toys.

1.  I’m sure you realize that children and pets should not share their toys, but enforcing that rule can be challenging. So, just in case they may at some point share their toys, you may want to clean them thoroughly and quite often.

2.  Different toys can be cleaned in different ways. Some can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer, which is the best possible way to ensure thorough cleaning. You can also use soapy water, clear water, safe cleaning sprays, microfiber dust cloth, etc. Always remember, when cleaning toys that belong to your children or pets, be sure to use products that are not harmful to either of them in any way. Always read labels to make sure you are using a safe product that will protect your children and pets from harm.

3.  Another good idea is to keep the pet toys and baby toys stored separately in containers with lids. Clear plastic containers are always a good idea, allowing you to see what’s inside the container at a glance.

4.  Mold on toys can also be a problem, especially tub toys, toys stored in a basement, outside toys and toys that get wet often. Your children and pets should never be exposed to mold. If the moldy toys cannot be destroyed or thrown away, clean thoroughly until mold is gone. Make sure you use safe cleaning products and follow instructions on the labels to clean the toys safely.

Because we love our children and pets so very much, let’s remember to keep their toys safe and clean at all time, so we keep them healthy in every way.